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In my personal counseling those who I learned the most from had therapy in their past. I don’t think it’s a requirement to being a helpful therapist, but I believe that knowing what a client may be experiencing in session helps me connect as a therapist.

My first session as a client in therapy was while I was in the U.S. Army, after being shipped off to Mannheim, Germany. Being so far away from home had its benefits and challenges. In counseling, I quickly discovered that I needed to be away from the conservative, fundamentalist environment I grew up in so I could explore my individuality and sexuality. Eventually, with help from counseling and close friends, I became comfortable with the fact that I am a man who loves men.

My next experience with counseling was shortly after I was diagnosed with HIV. My fears and insecurities quickly rose with this diagnosis and I sought out counseling, not realizing at the time I needed to talk more about issues of love, spirituality, and healing past pain.

These experiences helped shape who I am as a therapist. I believe many people are in need of emotional, spiritual, and sexual healing. I have grown in these three areas not only from receiving counseling from professionals, but also from attending workshops such as Body Electric, Shamanic De-armoring, Vipassana Meditation, and more.

Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

3 Guiding Principles

These are the methodologies that guide my practice and will inform our sessions.

The thing I love most about counseling is that I can help my clients in a holistic way. In session, we’ll talk about issues that impact your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health. If something is affecting one dimension of your life, it is likely having an adverse effect in another area. I want to help you heal in all these areas.


I appreciate the individual in everyone and understand that what works for one client won’t necessarily work with another. We will work together as a team to find the methods that work best toward healing you.


Do you listen to external influences or internal forces? As children most of us weren’t taught to listen to internal guidance, but were told over and over what to do and want not to do.

I believe that every one of us carries our own answers within. My role is to guide you toward unlocking your inner wisdom and growing from what you discover. We will explore what has kept you from receiving your own answers and, then, learn how to listen for and trust the answers that come.




I have enjoyed several different careers and believe my diverse professional experience has led me to a place in counseling where I am better able to relate with clients of various backgrounds.

Prior to becoming a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army, worked as an Assistant Branch Manager for Washington Mutual Bank, earned an MBA at the University of Phoenix and studied abroad in Spain, worked at Ventures (formerly Washington CASH), a non-profit focused on bringing business training, capital, coaching and hands-on learning opportunities for entrepreneurs with limited resources, and even served as a sheriff’s deputy.

While volunteering at the King County Crisis Clinic I realized my passion was counseling. I applied, and was accepted, to Seattle University’s three-year Master of Arts in Education program, with a focus on Counseling. I learned a lot about myself as an individual and how I would show up in the world as a therapist. I’m happy that I followed my gut and am a practicing therapist today.

As a counselor, starting with an internship at Valley Cities, I’ve worked with veterans, individuals, couples, and groups. I have experience working with individuals who identify as LGBTQ, people in crisis, those who feel suicidal, and those who are experiencing grief, loss, depression, PTSD, and general anxiety.

I have taken King County Crisis Line’s suicide intervention course, presented Safe Space Trainings that inform the community about LGBTQ issues and concerns, and have lectured at Seattle University on the topic of counseling diverse populations. I have also received Level 1 Gottman Training, which focuses on rebuilding friendship and intimacy in relationships. I continuously attend trainings so that I can keep up to date with the latest techniques and best practices for serving my clients.




I became a counselor because I see so many people hurting. My job is to help you heal the hurt and gain resilience by growing your ability to communicate needs, become more spiritually connected, and gain intimacy with your own body. These are the steps on the path we will take together—and what you can expect along the way.

Our first priority will be discovering the breadth of your current reality. This is accomplished by bringing awareness to who you are and how you interact in the world. In our sessions, we’ll explore your values, life circumstances, and relationships (intimate and otherwise). This work sounds simple, but can be very challenging—and often unlocks many insights.


Once we both have a clear understanding of your present reality, we will assess how you are coping—and why you are implementing these coping skills. Over time, we will work together on creating a body of healthy coping skills to incorporate into your daily life.


My primary therapeutic modality is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). EMDR helps clients integrate their past painful memories so they don’t have a negative impact on their present life. Some people fear “harping” on the past. EMDR is perfect for these clients because it is not traditional talk therapy. Ask yourself, is my past really behind me or does it seep into my present?

To get started you can check out this Negative and Positive Cognition examples to see if any resonate with you, we will use this list in our sessions.

EMDR also helps clients connect their feelings to their body sensations, as many people in our society are disconnected from the relationship of their body and emotions. I encourage all clients to read “Getting Past Your Past,” by the founder of EMDR, Francine Shapiro. You can click the link to purchase it on Amazon or check it out for free at the Seattle Public Library. You can also read more about EMDR by clicking here.




I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are a few of the most common things I am asked. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to contact me directly.

Many people ask themselves this question prior to entering therapy. If you are on this site you are at least considering therapy. As there are many factors for making the decision to start therapy, I suggest that you talk to me or another licensed therapist to explore your reasons for wanting to enter therapy and to discuss how counseling may be able to help you heal and/or meet your life goals. I also suggest that you make an appointment with three different therapist’s to assess which one you connect with the most. The number one reason clients get better in therapy is because of the therapeutic relationship.

The fee for individual counseling is $175 and the fee for couples counseling is $225 (for 1.5 hours). I will facilitate a group counseling session at $150 per hour or $35/individual/hour (I recommend 1.5 hours for this).

At this time I am able to take EIP (for those with EIP and Medicare – prior approval needed from EIP), First Choice Health Network and Premera insurance. If you have another insurance carrier and are covered for “out of network” therapy, you may be reimbursed for some or all of your counseling costs, depending on your plan. I will offer a receipt for your sessions so you can seek reimbursement.

Yes! Because the most influential aspect of counseling is the therapeutic relationship, I believe that it is important for you to assess if I am the right therapeutic match for you. If we have a strong connection as client/therapist then it is more likely that you will experience the positive change you seek. You can call or email to “meet” me, prior to hiring me as your therapist.

You don’t have to wait until you are experiencing a crisis to enjoy the benefits of therapy. I believe everyone should try out therapy once in their lives. You may be contemplating a major life change (job, relationship, etc) and want someone to listen to you as you share your story. You may have experienced some form of abuse, neglect and/or abandonment in your past and are ready to face the reality of this pain. You may also not entirely be sure what you seek but know, in your gut, that counseling is the right direction for you at this time. Whatever the reason, I’m happy you have found my site and am happy to talk with you further about your goals.

Okay, so I’m biased, right? But I say “Yes!” I have had a range of clients: individuals who believed in counseling, who sought it out to better themselves, and who really put their hearts into making positive change—and clients who have struggled with the idea that therapy could be beneficial at all. When I first saw a therapist, I was skeptical, too! However, I kept going back, because deep inside I knew there was something to gain. I ask you to listen to your gut. If the deep wisdom within you says to give this a shot, then at least try it out for a few sessions.

As far as not being in touch with your emotions, that’s okay. That’s something we can discuss and something I understand from my own past experience. I believe counseling can be a very rational and logical practice. I believe we all have a certain level of pain in our lives, built up over time, and we all have a certain level of ability to tolerate this pain. Once that pain is too much for the level of tolerance we have gained, we overflow. Counseling can help you build up tolerance and/or decrease the impact painful events have on you, so that you can increase your current happiness and improve your state of being.

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At the current time my practice is full and I am not seeing additional clients. I am also only seeing clients via telehealth. 
If you are a current client you can schedule an appointment here. You can also view my Counseling Disclosure Statement and my Notice of Privacy Practices.
Also please make sure you are ready to dive into the concerns that bring you into counseling. To that note as well, know that if you make an appointment but cancel after a 48 hour window before the appointment (or no show) you will be charged a $100 missed appointment fee.




If you have further questions please email or text me. Email: andrew.w.nichols@me.com or text 206.569.4493. You can also call this same number and leave a voicemail. While voicemails are more secure, I can not guarantee any of these forms of communication are 100% secure so please only disclose information you are comfortable giving understanding this lack of complete security.